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Terms of Services

We are very sensitive towards the privacy & security issues on the Internet. Therefore it is very important for you to know how we treat the information we receive form you on internet. We respects your privacy and recognizes that’s why we always protect the personally identifiable information by which you can be identified such as, name, address, telephone number, etc you share with us .

Please read these general terms and conditions of services ("Terms of Services") carefully before using this site or any services offered by this site.

By using this Site or goods and services offered by this Site, or printing, downloading, or otherwise using any service from this Site, or registering or becoming a member of this Site, you signify your assent to and agree with these Terms of Services. If you do not agree to all of these Terms of Services, please do not use or register with this Site.

Nature of this Site

The is a private entity and is not a direct / indirect associate or affiliate of any government body or authority. This site offers information to members who need support in filing application for a New PAN card, Lost or Replacement of Old PAN card or changing or updating the data of the existing PAN card. On receiving the application proper verification will be done and forms will be submitted to the authorities for processing the same further. Periodic Tracking and Feedback will be provided by the support team over phone, SMS and E-mail depending on feasibility.

PAN Services Process

Individuals applying for new PAN card / Change of data in existing PAN card complete an online form, make an online payment and become a member to download and print the PDF form that is generated.

They should then affix Photographs at the appropriate place and duly sign wherever required. This completed form along with matching address and identity proof should be sent by courier or post to the above mentioned address.

The Site or its owners will not be responsible for any errors in the filled application form. In case of errors in filling or incorrect supporting documents or for whatever reason the application cannot be processed, The Site or its owners are not at obligation to return the application form, cheque/DD and any documents that was given by the customer. Customers will have to resend the corrected application form with appropriate documents in such cases.

The Site will verify and forward the hard copy of the PAN applications to the authorities for issuance of PAN. The Site shall not be responsible for any delay, loss in transit or non-issuance of PAN by authorities.

The Site shall not be responsible for delay or non receipt of physical applications (Hard Copy) within 45 days from the date of submission of online application for PAN card. Any Physical Application received after 45 days from the date of submission of online application will not be processed by the Site and no refund shall be made against such transactions.

Company will not be responsible for deliver hard copy of pan cards.

If customer has already applied for pan card and he or she applies again then might be pan application will be rejected or money will not be refund for the same.


Payment for the services has to be made in advance as per the directions provided by the site. All services will commensurate only on receipt of the full payment and confirmation sent by the company thereof.

Service Charges

This Site reserves the right to change fees for their services, subscription and / or membership on reasonable prior notice. Such notice will be appearing on the site by displaying the new / revised charges for membership,service/s and/or product/s as offered from time to time with or without modifications and on such display it will be presumed to be read by all users whether registered or not and no further notice would be required. The same will apply when any service/s or products that are offered for free currently are made chargeable.

Refund Policy

1- No refund will be made once we resolve your query successfully.
2- In case if we are not able to resolve your query within 15 days we will refund the payment within next 30 business days.